Our Group will participate in “IKOPROTECTA: Agricultural composted products as plant growth and protection regulators”, a newly assigned RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE research project.

Compost is a natural and absolutely ecological product that is widely known for its beneficial properties in soil and plant nutrition, since the incorporation of composts enriches the soil with organic matter and nutrients. Α consortium was established with the co-operation of one Greek compost producing company (IKORGANIC) and two University Laboratories (Laboratory of Plant Pathology, AUA and Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, NKUA) to further evaluate the IKORGANIC composted product produced by vegetable-fruit residues, mushroom litter and urban green pruning residues as raw materials. TrAMSGroup will conduct various chemical analyses in order to fully characterize the raw plant material and the Ikorganic composted product in terms of bioactive and plant-protecting compounds, by using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Advanced Chemometrics. The research project is set to start in September 2020. Stay tuned for more!