TrAMS Group will participate in a research project entitled “ELAION: Innovative Methodological Tools for Traceability, Certification and Authenticity Assessment of Olive Oil and Olives”.

A newly assigned RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE research project will bring together TrAMS Group, FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas) and PlantLab. The hallmark of the present research proposal is an integrated system of innovative methodological tools for the traceability, certification and authenticity assessment of olive oil and edible olives. The system constitutes of three absolutely complementary and state-of-the art technologies

1) Molecular Traceability Tools

2) Methodological tools for certifying the geographical origin of olive oil and olives using mass spectrometry.

3) Mobile phone application for the identification of olive fruit origin based on morphological characteristics.

TrAMS Group will be participating as subcontractor, to develop advanced analytical methodologies certifying the geographical origin of different olive and olive oil samples using advanced analytical protocols and chemometric tools.

This new, very interesting research project is set to start at September 2020. Stay tuned for more!